Friday, December 24, 2010

Sponsorships, investments, grants,tenders, Post on

Friday, December 17, 2010! Partnerships in Business, Joint Ventures and Join Projects!! Partnerships in Business, Joint Ventures and Join Projects!
Tenders, sponsorships, investments, grants, Post on,
Partnerships Portal or Find International Partner to business, government, media, nonprofit, church, sport, science, health, arts, travel etc. organizations the only place for investment, tender, grant, sponsor, buy and sell.
Global Partnerships Portal for Peace and Development :
-Business partnerships, resellers or franchisee, develop you business internationally too.
-Government partnerships having tenders or are looking for international partners for peace,
-Nonprofit partnerships, looking for grants, sponsors, volunteers or international projects and cooperation.
-Church partnerships looking for interfaith or international partners.
-Culture, Health, Sport, Arts, education, travel, media etc organizations looking for international partners.
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