Friday, October 12, 2012

Free Web design, online shops, CMS, Affordable order at IT IVA.

IT IVA laboratory proposes new services that can ensure a marked improvement in a company’s position through promotion strategy; thereby boosting its name and stature.
Rates of services: Reasonable
Contact: Web:
IT IVA Laboratory can develop any web site and offer other services that can boost a company’s name and its stature; presenting a platform for the company’s promotion.
The laboratory is specialized in:
-creating web sites in the content management system (CMS),
-online shops
-the design of web sites and logo design.
- 3D virtual tour for any interior.
While it is additionally specialized in the following: Consulting /Optimization (SEO), Consulting / Management Systems Enterprise Consulting / Programming, Advertising / Marketing / Advertising concepts, Management / Project Manager, Management / Sales Management / Human Resource Manager, Web Design / Layout, Web Design / System Administration (CMS), Web development / Design / Site Design, Web Design / Flash websites, Web Design / Web Development, Web Design / Content Manager, Design / Logo, Design / Corporate Identity, Design / Presentations, Flash / Flash graphics, Flash / Flash / Flex-programming Flash / Virtual Tours, Programming / Databases, Programming / Application Development, Software / System Programming, Programming, Programming, Programming, Programming / Design, Programming / Data Protection, Optimization ( SEO) / Content, Programming, Software / Embedded Systems Programming / System Administrator, Optimization (SEO) / Sale of references Optimization (SEO) / SMO, Optimization (SEO) / Search Engines Optimization (SEO) / PPC, texts / Slogans / Naming, Optimization (SEO), Text, Text / Help / Manual, Writing / News / Press Releases, Advertising / Marketing / Event Planning, Photography / Models, Advertising / Marketing / PR-Management, Advertising / Marketing / collection and information processing, Advertising / Marketing / Media Planning, Advertising / Marketing / Business Plans, Consulting / Usability, Consulting / Design / Art, Consulting / Website Development, Consulting / Advertising / Marketing, Consulting / Business Consultancy, Development of social networking, portals and Startups.
Qualifications and Experiences
For the past 15 years IT IVA has supported several international organizations with its various IT services. Some of those organizations are: National Youth councils, COHECF, African Youth, WIDECAST, Hope And Service To Mankind Foundation, CVG, Saturday Times Education and Career, English21, Alkhaimah- Association for Education & Development, CIVS, Youth Association For Culture And Development, Volunteer Venture Nepal, ICYDICT, Charitable Health Care Foundation-Charicare, Women United for Economic Empowerment (WUEE), Sewa Development Trust Sindh (SDTS), SOYDA, Lanka Green Volunteers, AFFPIN, Center for Sustainable Development Studies (e5DS), International Women Club, Romanian Embassy, Peace Corps, Black sea Trust, CORDAID, World Bank, CARITAS.
Media organizations like: Moldova National TV and Radio,"Ovidius" library, “Voice of the Nation” newspaper etc have also benefited from IT IVA’s services.
IT IVA has also supported some governmental organizations such as: Chisinau City hall, Minister of Justice RM, Minister of Education RM, Gymnasium - orphanage Nr. 2 from Chisinau, Gymnasium - orphanage from Balti city, “Onisifor Chibu” Library.
IT IVA has also been lending its services to several international conferences since 2001 till 2011, for 400 participants, including: “Turning point of Global Governance: New approach to create peace in transition society”, "AIDS Prevention in Republic of Moldova", “Families and Peace in Moldova” etc.
IT IVA supports for several festivals in Moldova; with Moldovan stars and thousand participants: “Love conquers HIV” 2003, “The Festival of Volunteers” 2004, “Peace Flower” Music Festival, 2006, “Global Peace festival” in Moldova, 2008 etc.
Intended Results
• Increased recognition: By introducing new services in the laboratory, IT IVA Laboratory will gain attention.
• Increase in customers: Number of customers is bound to increase.
• Increased assistance: Customers will be able to use these newly offered services to their company’s advantage.
• Increase in employment: More services; more people to supply those services.
• Improved market share: The proposal being accepted would increase IT IVA’s share in the international market. Competition among various organizations, offering IT services, will shoot.
More info
The Internet Teaching International Volunteer Academy (IT IVA) laboratory is supported by the National Science Foundation. About 25 international NGOs, colleges and universities are to develop Internet Teaching Laboratory (IT IVA) facilities. The donations made to the lab include: routers, interface cards etc. The IT IVA project is directed by IVA (International Volunteer Academy) at the IVA Sankt Petersburg Supercomputing Centre, currently looking for partners, sponsors, and investors worldwide. IT IVA Laboratory works professionally, exhibiting remarkable competence in the services it offers. Plus it makes efficient use of the terms, “cost-effective” and “time-effective”.
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