Saturday, October 30, 2010! Partnerships in Business, Joint Ventures and Join Projects!! Partnerships in Business, Joint Ventures and Join Projects!
Grants, Sponsorships and donations the biggest dreams of Nonprofits now became real.
Working in nonprofits for 15 years up to 90% of the time where invested in fundraising, project writing for grants and looking for international partners. Even investing full time and sleepless nights in this job gradually you could cover budget of one nonprofit organization. The reason of luck of funds is simple majority of NGOs work to receive grants, donations and sponsorships from those who have profit but most profit organizations usually don’t want to donate for nonprofits. General idea of nonprofits is to work helping society to resolve different problems facing it been very noble cause, but with poor budget they couldn’t fulfill their mission.
So to solve this problem is very simple it’s requiring that all this organizations work together in partnership for their common development and prosperity. All the best practices from the history and even recent situations show that only partnerships where solving society problems and even bringing together past enemies together to work for their common good.
This partnerships for common good is even more actual topic in our age of globalization, when world became one BIG village. Now this partnership became a reality at Global Partnerships Portal for Peace and Development where Nonprofits looking for grants, sponsors, volunteers or international projects could find it and post their requests at the portal.
We wish you a great fortune in partnerships, and we are pleased to help you at any time, whenever you contact us.
Sincerely yours, Founder and Director - Cirpala Nicolae

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