Thursday, July 28, 2011

Intern or volunteer by Social work and travel international program in MD, Eastern Europe,

Intern or volunteer by Social work and travel international program in MD, Eastern Europe,

Intern or Volunteer by international program in Eastern Europe, close to Russia for individual or group!

International Volunteer Academy is dedicated to enhancing the lives of the people (happy people–happy world) by implementing educational, investment, charity and development programs, creating various community service projects, providing health care services to those who need it. Currently we are looking for youth and partners worldwide.

Volunteer Academy relies on the efforts of interns and volunteers to make its programs to work for good and therefore we are very flexible and easy to work with. Having 10 years + experience we are looking for people with strong written and verbal communication skills with an interest in international relations, social enterprise development, peace building, fundraising, NGOs or simple to have fun and travel. Groups of any size are also welcome. We are able to accept those that speak English, Romanian, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Hungarian, Polish, Slovenian, German etc.

Interning or volunteering is unpaid work but you will gain a lot of precious knowledge and experience for your life. We provide training at our office to make sure that you will be prepared and ready to handle any project or assignment that we give you. In addition, you are free to stay for any length of time, from 1 week (most popular) to 12 months and more. Volunteer Academy is able to arrange housing accommodations and provide you with various cultural excursions and experiences. Also by request we could organize business, study, scientific, research, student exchange, youth exchange, schools exchange, medical, religious, visiting holly places, history, wine, food, natural fruits and vegetables, rural, ecologic etc. programs and tours.

We do, however, ask for a one time donation of 100 Euros to cover the administration costs of arranging your placement here.

We currently have internship opportunities available in:

· Media

· Fundraising

· Teaching

· NGOs

· Public Relations

· Social enterprise

· Web development, IT etc.

We also have volunteer opportunities available at:

· Language schools

· Orphanages

· Elders houses

· Local ministries

· And more, just contact us!

Our internships and volunteer positions are wonderful opportunities to travel and explore Eastern Europe while gaining practical knowledge in a work environment. You will be able to learn about the logistics of a NGO, experience life in a fast developing former USSR country, and even take weekend excursions within Moldova or in neighboring countries by few hour drive ex. Black Sea side, Kiev, Bucharest, Odessa, Tiraspol, Crimea or 2 hours fly to Moscow, EU big cities etc. More details: Post-Program Services Include: Internship Network, Year Founded: 2001, Religious Requirements: Internship, volunteer at Volunteer Academy is a Unificationists based organization. We do not require our participants to be of the same faith. Volunteers are free to join religious activities.

In order to apply, send your resume and request to .

Find us: IRFFMD on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc. webs and see what we are all about!

PS. Begun on June 11, 2001, the International Volunteer Academy is a branch of an incredibly fast-growing international movement, which began in Moldova and now boasts all over the world. Please help this group grow by spreading the word!

So, why not "pay it forward" and tell 3 (or more) people how wonderful is! You tell your friends, your family, your neighbors, your co-workers...and they tell theirs, and so on ...well, you get the idea!

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