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Chapel & York is the leading provider of cross-border fundraising services. Our mission is to help charities exceed their goals by offering creative ways to introduce them to, and enhance, their international fundraising.

Chapel & York is the leading provider of cross-border fundraising services. Our mission is to help charities exceed their goals by offering creative ways to introduce them to, and enhance, their international fundraising. Since 1997, we have assisted nonprofits to raise over $827 million for projects all over the world.

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GRANTMAKERS ONLINE - Website / Database

Grantmakers Online is a FREE interactive database of worldwide grant-makers.
Developed to answer the need for a central location for identifying potential funders in a particular country/region from wherever you are in the world, it currently includes over 6000 entries
(and growing!) of grant-makers from around the world who have websites in English and who make grants either nationally or internationally.
In its basic form Grantmakers Online is an easy-to-use research database enabling identification of potential grant-makers in specific countries and regions. Opening with an interactive map of the world, simply click on a country to see a list of all the grant-making foundations in that country. Click on a grant-maker and further details will appear. Other search facilities enable you to refine your search to particular interests and geographical funding areas. 
Grantmakers Online, however goes much further than being just an ordinary database. Its interactive design is such that you can add details of new grant-makers known to you but not listed on the database; amend existing grant-maker records in the light of your own experiences; post comments and ask questions of your peers: and share experience across the world of fundraisers.
In addition, grant-makers themselves are encouraged to use the database as a shop window for their services. Updating their own entries as their policies evolve, answering questions posted by fundraisers, and notifying the community of RFPs and other grant opportunities.
  • Search the database for potential funders;
  • Add new Grantmakers;
  • Comment on existing Grantmakers; and
  • Share your experience to assist other Grantseekers.
  • Explain your interests and geographical scope;
  • Respond to Grantseekers comments; and
  • Keep the community abreast of updates, requests for proposals, and changes to your mission and programs.
Grantmakers Online aims at becoming the central location for all your fundraising needs. As it develops it will become an invaluable central point of contact for fundraisers and grant-makers worldwide. POWERED BY YOU

GRANT OPPORTUNITIES - Monthly E-info Service

During the course of our work we identify many funding opportunities which we know
will be of interest and benefit to others. This is why we have introduced our free 
Grant Opportunities
 alert service.
Every time we identify a new opportunity to make an application for funds, or a new cross border grant, or a useful, interesting charity resource relating to our chosen categories (14 in total), we will email you details. There is no charge. [View Example]

Our 14 categories are:
, Human Rights, Media & Arts, Medical Research, NGO Capacity Building, Human Services, Spirituality & Religion, Sport, Technological & Science.


GRANTS & RESOURCES - Monthly E-info Service

Chapel & York's Free E-Info Service provides current information for charities, non-profits
and NGOs about cross border grants and international fundraising resources.
Each monthly edition is read by over 14,000 plus subscribers in at least 58 countries worldwide.
There are numerous opportunities available to you; by signing up to Grants & Resources you will automatically receive:

- updates about international grants and grant makers.
- up-to-date focused features, policy & news on key issues concerning international fundraising.
- details about high quality learning and training events, providing you with a variety of opportunities to build skills and network with other organisations. We’ll also send you bulletins about seminars and workshops when they occur.

The Broadcasts you receive are under your control. At any point, you can select the link at the bottom of every email to unsubscribe and stop receiving details on a particular training event and still continue to receive Grants & Resources.
View the Latest Edition: July '11 - Grant Opportunities and Grant Activity items from all over the world helping you find possible sources of funding covering a vast array of giving interests | Ask the Expert: Top 10 Fundraising Tips - Nonprofit Management 101 | Future trends: Predictions for charity IT | Foundation Search - A compelling tool to identify potential US foundation funders...and much more! View G&R July here


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