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1.1 Staff members

M.J.A. Pechaczek
Kateryna Bardadym
Lyudmilla Bilenko

1.2 Contact information

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Matra section
Kontraktova Ploshcha 7
01901 Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel: +38 044 4908 200
Fax: +38 044 4908 209
E-mail: (attn: ‘Matra programme’).

1.3 Introduction

The Matra Programme has since the start of its implementation (1993) focused on supporting the transition of Central and Eastern European countries into pluriform democracies. Many countries in the region have made significant progress towards full-fledged democracy. Some of the transition challenges however remain.

The results of the 10 years programme activity in Ukraine are described in the booklet Matra in Ukraine: Ten years of Social transformation

It is obvious that further support in promoting active citizenship, a strong civil society, social dialogue and transparent and accountable government is still important. The aim of the modernised Matra Programme is to align as much as possible to those remaining present-day challenges that might vary in the respective countries. The modernised Programme will apply therefore a stronger geographical and thematic focus.

The Matra Programme will continue to contribute to the development of democracy and the rule of law; to encourage dialogue between government and civil society; to build capacity and strengthen the institutes of civil society and their relations with (local) governments; to strengthen bilateral cooperation. In order to be more efficient, the previous Matra instruments / sub-programmes (e.g. Matra Projects Programme, Matra Small Embassy Projects Programme, Matra KNIP, etc.) have been incorporated into one programme.

2. The Matra 2,0 programme

The revised Matra Programme focuses on three categories of countries, which include countries with EU accession prospects (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey), and EU’s eastern neighbours (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine) and Russia.

2.1. Themes for Ukraine and Moldova

The number of themes to be addressed in each country differs. For Ukraine the following four broad topics will be in the spotlight:

  • Human Rights, Minorities and Media / Information Provision

  • Legislation and Rule of Law and Good Governance / Public Order / Policy-Making Processes / Overcoming Corruption

  • Welfare

  • Environmental Protection and Nature / Biodiversity (please see a special announcement for a call for proposals in the sphere of Nature / Biodiversity)

In Moldova the Programme will focus on two priority topics:

  • Human Rights, Minorities and Media / Information Provision
  • Welfare

2.2 Applicant organisations

The Matra Programme is open to NGOs, academic institutions and municipalities from both Ukraine and Moldova.

Grants will not be awarded to individuals, profit-making or unregistered organisations, or to political parties in Ukraine / Moldova and the Netherlands.

2.3 General Application Criteria

The Matra Programme has no deadline for applications. Project proposals can be submitted throughout the year. Applicants should supply one copy of the proposal preferably in English and Ukrainian / Russian. The application should also include a project summary in English (1-2 pages) describing the project’s problem and its relevance in the context of society transformation (urgency), ways to resolve the problem, the project’s results and the organisation’s capability of implementing the planned activities.

The project duration should not exceed 12 months. The maximum contribution per project is UAH 200,000 for Ukraine and EUR 15,000 for Moldova. Under strict conditions the maximum amount per project can be raised up to EUR 25,000 for both countries.

Application form can be downloaded here.

Different criteria will apply to project proposals submitted under thematical or regional calls for proposals announced by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in addition to the regular Matra Programme. The announcements informing about these calls for proposals will be placed separately on the Embassy’s web-site.

3. Matra Training for European Cooperation
Matra Training Programme for European Cooperation is a grants scheme, which allows education establishments located in the Netherlands to offer postgraduate courses to students from the target countries, including Ukraine and Moldova. All costs of the programmes are paid for. Please find presentation materials of the MTEC Programme in Ukrainian and Russian. For more information, visit the MTEC-website.
4. Matra Flex
Matra Flex provides financial resources for exchanges between ministries and their agencies in order to strengthen the network for European Cooperation at the governmental level. For more information please visit the web-site of the Agency for International Business and Cooperation (EVD).

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