Thursday, March 16, 2017

10 Ideas That Will Change the World Our best shots for tackling our worst problems, from war and disease to unemployment and deficits

Our best shots for tackling our worst problems, from war and disease to unemployment and deficits More »
  • Youth

    There are lots of young people around. We thought that was a problem. But it's not More »
  • Afghanistan

    The war-torn country is headed in the right direction More »
  • Aliens

    Take it easy. Even if you want to, you're never going to meet them More »
  • The Deficit

    It can be fixed, with a bit of political will. Here's how More »
  • Jobs

    You thought China and India were where jobs went? Wrong: that's where they come from More »
  • Airports

    Airports aren't just where you go to leave home; they are becoming home itself. A nice one too More »
  • Stem Cells

    The technology is going to cure diseases instead of merely treating them. That's a huge change More »
  • Sharing

    Having lots of stuff was fun until it was almost our undoing. So share instead More »
  • Digital Love

    Wine, roses, sweet nothings. Oh, rot. Texting is so much better More »
  • Good Causes

    If you hate direct mail, please don't. It's a great way for charities to raise money More »

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