Tuesday, November 3, 2009


On October 10, IRFF Moldova organized the annual European Fundraising Summit. The Fundraising Summit take place in Chisinau Moldova, as a one-day professional development event focusing on cutting-edge fundraising strategies and initiatives.

The European Fundraising Summit 2009 was offering the latest national and international news about grants, sponsors, partnerships, donations and awards, also was providing the opportunity for profit, government and nonprofits organizations to network.

The Fundraising Summit became a great source of relevant information for fundraising managers, executives and Grant makers. It was also a great place to network with others from within the industry.

Fifteen participants of the European Fundraising Summit: Individuals, NGO’s, etc. organizations came to study how to raise more funds and gain an in-depth understanding of critical and developing areas.

Agenda was rich in topics such as: “All fundraising strategies” , “Recent technologies and tools for fundraising” , “Sharing of best practices in fundraising”, “Presentation of foundations grants programs”.

Summit finish at a very good note with all participants good wish for next year summit to be more prosperous in our challenge society.

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